ICO Details

ICO Project StartMark (SMK)

  • Tokensale Start:   01/08/2019

  • Tokensale Finish: 30/09/2019

Project Description

StartMark is a project that provides users with a secure cryptocurrency for investing in German startups and meeting the requirements of German tax authorities. Startup creators will also be able to get recommendations and the necessary functionality for the successful launch of their project. The use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts will ensure the security of users' personal data and quick transactions on the platform.

Business Model Overview StartMark (SMK)

1. The validity of income

The project will receive income from investing in various startups. The project team expects a profit of $ 2,000,000. 50% of the received funds will be distributed between token holders, funds will be charged in proportion to the number of tokens in user accounts. Also, token holders will receive 5% per annum, based on the nominal value of bonds based on tokens.

2. Number of currencies accepted

The project accepts 4 liquid currencies, namely: EUR, ETH, BTC, BCH.

3. Token emission

The project has a limited number of tokens. A total of 50 000 000 SMK tokens will be issued.

4. Discount on the purchase of tokens

The discount on the purchase of tokens is 30% (p. 19 White Paper).

5. Roadmap

The flow chart provided indicates the project objectives until 2020 (p. 28 White Paper). After the token sale, the project team will allocate funds as follows: 92% - “Available for investing in startups”, 4.5% - “Marketing”, 1% - “Development of infrastructure”, 1% - “Bonuses for investors”, 1, 5% - "Conversion of funds."


Assessing the SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio is not possible because the project does not have a SOFT CAP value. The value of the HARD CAP is $ 50 000 000 (p. 10 White Paper).

7. MVP availability

The project does not have a developed prototype.

8. Risk assessment and insurance

The form of the tokensale is Security Token Offering (STO), which means providing sequrity tokens with assets, profit and cash flow. In addition, STO complies with investor protection laws and securities regulations. This increases corporate responsibility, reduces the likelihood of unfair behavior in the market and protects the rights of investors, which favorably affects the investment attractiveness of the project.

Criteria of accordance to the international standards of business-planning of UNIDO and EBRD
% Acceptable
Criteria Project evaluation
The validity of income 1 / 3
Number of currencies accepted 4 / 4
Token emission 1 / 1
Discount on the purchase of tokens 2 / 3
Roadmap 1 / 1
SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio 0 / 4
MVP availability 0 / 1
Risk assessment and insurance 1 / 1
Total (56%) 10 / 18

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