ICO Details

ICO Project Speed Shopper (SSTX)

  • Tokensale Start:   01/01/2019

  • Tokensale Finish: 21/08/2019

Project Description

Speed Shopper is a project that provides users with a decentralized database on the location of shops and goods in them. Using the mobile application Speed Shopper, users can reduce the time to make purchases. Also on the platform will be launched reward system, through which users can receive money for adding new products to the database.

Business Model Overview Speed Shopper (SSTX)

1. The validity of income

Speed ​​Shopper will receive advertising revenue. Advertisers will pay for placing advertisements directly in the user’s shopping list in the Speed ​​Shopper app. In addition, the project will receive revenue by charging a small percentage of each purchase made on the Speed ​​Shopper market by users. Also, revenue will be generated from Google ads placed in a mobile application. At this stage, the project team wants to obtain additional funding through an ICO.

2. Number of currencies accepted

The project accepts 4 liquid currencies, namely: BTC, ETH, BCH, USD.

3. Token emission

In the project there is a limited number of tokens. A total of 500 million SSTX tokens will be released (p. 7 White Paper).

4. Discount on the purchase of tokens

The project has no discount on the purchase of tokens.

5. Roadmap

The development of the project began in January 2018, in the first 6 months the project team developed a mobile application. After the ICO, the developers will distribute the funds as follows: 30% - “Technological development”, 5% - “Legal and administrative costs”, 50% - “Marketing”, 15% - “Business development”.


The project has an excellent ratio of SOFT CAP / HARD CAP, which increases its investment attractiveness. The values ​​of SOFT CAP and HARD CAP are $ 15,000,000 and $ 25,000,000, respectively.

7. MVP availability

The project has a developed mobile application available on Google Play.

8. Risk assessment and insurance

There are no risk assessments according to international standards, as well as any risk insurance methods, for example, Escrow, which increases the risk of losing capital for investors.

Criteria of accordance to the international standards of business-planning of UNIDO and EBRD
% Acceptable
Criteria Project evaluation
The validity of income 1 / 3
Number of currencies accepted 4 / 4
Token emission 1 / 1
Discount on the purchase of tokens 0 / 3
Roadmap 1 / 1
SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio 4 / 4
MVP availability 1 / 1
Risk assessment and insurance 0 / 1
Total (67%) 12 / 18

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