ICO Details


  • Tokensale Start:   03/12/2019

  • Tokensale Finish: 20/12/2019

Project Description

MONNOS is a project that provides users with a mobile cryptocurrency trading application. Users will be able to create their own trading strategies and exchange them with other traders for maximum profit. Also, using a mobile application, users will be able to pay for their purchases and store crypto assets.

Business Model Overview MONNOS (MNS)

1. The validity of income

The project will receive revenue from user fees when buying and selling crypto assets, as well as a fee for withdrawing funds and conducting transactions. The commission fee for transactions using cryptocurrencies will be 0.6%. When paying a commission fee using MNS tokens, users will receive a discount of 50% in the first year of operation of the platform. Owners of trading strategies will be able to set a monthly subscription fee, this fee will be charged to users who will use this strategy, the Monnos platform will charge 20% of the subscription cost.

2. Number of currencies accepted

The number of accepted currencies is represented by 3 liquid currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC.

3. Token emission

The project has a limited number of tokens. A total of 3 500 000 000 MNS tokens will be issued (p. 16 White Paper).

4. Discount on the purchase of tokens

The discount on the purchase of tokens is 54%.

5. Roadmap

The flow chart provided indicates the project objectives until mid-2021 (p. 19 White Paper). After the ICO, the project team will allocate funds as follows: 80% - "Operating expenses", 8% - "Marketing", 7% - "Reserve", 5% - "Project protection".


The project has an excellent SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio, which increases its investment attractiveness. The values ​​of SOFT CAP and HARD CAP are $ 2 500 000 and $ 7 082 713, respectively.

7. MVP availability

The project has a developed mobile application available in the App Store and Google Play.

8. Risk assessment and insurance

At the same time, however, there are no risk assessments by international standards, as well as any risk insurance methods, for example, Escrow, which increases the risk of loss of capital of potential token holders.

Criteria of accordance to the international standards of business-planning of UNIDO and EBRD
% Acceptable
Criteria Project evaluation
The validity of income 1 / 3
Number of currencies accepted 4 / 4
Token emission 1 / 1
Discount on the purchase of tokens 3 / 3
Roadmap 1 / 1
SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio 1 / 4
MVP availability 1 / 1
Risk assessment and insurance 0 / 1
Total (67%) 12 / 18

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