ICO Details

ICO Project Heluss (HUT)

  • Tokensale Start:   01/05/2019

  • Tokensale Finish: 30/06/2019

Project Description

Heluss is a project that is changing the insurance industry through the integration of Blockchain technology. Users will be able to insure their personal belongings, get travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances while traveling. Price insurance will also be available, users will be able to insure assets and receive a guaranteed price for sale at lower prices, or determine the price of the asset they are going to buy in case of price increases.

Criteria of accordance to the international standards of business-planning of UNIDO and EBRD
% Unacceptable
Criteria Project evaluation
The validity of income 1 / 3
Number of currencies accepted 1 / 4
Token emission 1 / 1
Discount on the purchase of tokens 2 / 3
Roadmap 1 / 1
SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio 0 / 4
MVP availability 1 / 1
Risk assessment and insurance 0 / 1
Total (39%) 7 / 18

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