ICO Details

ICO Project Easy Feedback (EFT)

  • Tokensale Start:   01/06/2019

  • Tokensale Finish: 30/04/2020

Project Description

Easy Feedback is a platform that will allow users to receive rewards for useful feedback on products and services of various companies. Consumers will be able to use the platform to send suggestions, greetings, requests, complaints or complaints to any company or institution in the world. Companies will be able to communicate directly with disgruntled customers and instantly respond to their complaints.

Business Model Overview Easy Feedback (EFT)

1. The validity of income

The project will receive income from four different business areas. Companies will be able to subscribe Easy Feedback PRO to receive consumer feedback on the product. The project team is also developing a number of products, including: Easy Feedback Survey, Easy Feedback Review, Easy Feedback Stats and Easy Feedback IoT. Thanks to Easy Feedback Review - Easy Feedback customers will be able to receive opinions and recommendations regarding their products and services and segment the group of users of the platform who send feedback. And Easy Feedback Stats will allow analyzing information using statistical tools and AI, for users and companies will be free and paid content on request.

2. Number of currencies accepted

The project accepts such liquid currencies as: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, ZRX, BAT, USDC, ZEC, XRP, USD, EUR.

3. Token emission

In the project there is a limited number of tokens. A total of 179,141,000,000 EFT tokens will be released (p. 41 White Paper).

4. Discount on the purchase of tokens

Discount on the purchase of tokens is 40%.

5. Roadmap

In the flow chart provided, the project objectives are indicated until 2020 (p. 48 White Paper). Distribution of funds collected during the ICO, will be as follows: 70% - "Development of the project", 15% - "Marketing", 10% - "Operating expenses", 3% - "Partners", 2% - "Social projects ".


The project has a poor SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio, which reduces its investment attractiveness. The values ​​of SOFT CAP and HARD CAP are $ 300,000 and $ 67,550,000, respectively.

7. MVP availability

The project has developed MVP.

8. Risk assessment and insurance

There are no risk assessments according to international standards, as well as any risk insurance methods, for example, Escrow, which increases the risk of losing capital for investors.

Criteria of accordance to the international standards of business-planning of UNIDO and EBRD
% Acceptable
Criteria Project evaluation
The validity of income 1 / 3
Number of currencies accepted 4 / 4
Token emission 1 / 1
Discount on the purchase of tokens 2 / 3
Roadmap 1 / 1
SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio 0 / 4
MVP availability 1 / 1
Risk assessment and insurance 0 / 1
Total (56%) 10 / 18

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